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12 unusual restaurants around the world

Eating is one of man's fundamental needs and a passion for many of us.

To stand out from a sector as competitive as the restaurant industry, some don't hesitate to bet on the creation of experiences to surprise their customers. At Story Tailor, our key words are "authenticity" and "experience"! So we decided to share with you 12 unusual restaurants from around the world. Whether you want to favour one of the 4 elements, deprive one of your 5 senses or immerse yourself in a particular universe, you will find what you are looking for!


Many of us have already dreamed of living a tasty experience surrounded by multicolored fish and corals. So, are you ready to dive?

1. Ithaa Undersea in the Maldives

Ithaa Undersea was the pioneer of the aquarium restaurant concept. Ithaa, which means "mother of pearls" in Dhivehi, lives up to its name! This little pearl buried 5 meters below the surface offers a totally immersed and 180 degree view of the Indian Ocean. Corals, fishes, dolphins, sharks... the underwater life is full of resources, giving off a soothing atmosphere. We eat mainly food from the sea and of exceptional quality.

In short, just like the place!

2. Under in Norway

If the Maldives are too tropical for you, we have found a closer alternative. Under is the first restaurant of its kind in Europe and is located in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Listed in the prestigious Michelin guide, this establishment offers a unique menu that varies according to the season in order to highlight local products. Behind this high-flying cuisine is the two-starred chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard. Moreover, the concept is as sustainable as possible, becoming an artificial reef for the surrounding population.


If all this tends to make you feel more seasick than anything else, why not take it to the skies with these little nuggets offering you a moment of suspension... Literally!

3. Treepod Dining in Thailand

As you will discover, Asia has its share of unique concepts! This first restaurant is located in a bamboo nest suspended in the heart of the rainforest canopy. Its particularities? A breathtaking view over the sea, a gourmet kitchen and the fact that your waiter serves you your meal... in a zip line!

4. Aurora sky station in Sweden

After the rainforest, let's go to Lapland! Aurora Sky Station offers a series of activities to try to observe the northern lights. Among them, a gastronomic restaurant high up on a mountain, offering you a clear view of the Lappish sky. Who knows? You may be lucky enough to capture this phenomenon, so beautiful and so rare at the same time.


Let's get our feet on the ground! And what better way to get close to nature than to live a culinary experience in a rock, a desert or a cave?

5. Grotta Palazzese in Italy

This restaurant has been installed in a natural cave called Grotta di Palazzo. The contrast between the cave on one side and the vast expanse of the Adriatic on the other is impressive. Whether you go there during the day to admire the blue of the sky reflected on the water or in the evening to admire the sunset, the show is always sumptuous.

6. The Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar

Want an even more unique experience? Why not eat on a rock? Not like Robinson Crusoe, of course! The Rock was custom built on a rock, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. There is nothing else around and the only way to get there is by boat. Very charming, this restaurant offers quality food at very affordable prices.

7. Sounds of Silence in Australia

After the rock, it's time for the immense Australian desert. Sounds of Silence offers a whole dining experience composed of an aperitif, typical music (the didgeridoo), a guided tour in the starry night and of course a complete menu in the form of a local food buffet. It is an open-air restaurant, far from the city, offering an incredible view of Uluru and its starry sky.

8. Scarabeo Camp in Morocco

Do you want to eat in a desert but Australia is a bit too far away for you? We have the solution. Indeed, the Story Tailor team flew to Morocco and discovered this nugget in the heart of the Agafay desert, not far from Marrakech. An open-air restaurant, the Scarabeo Camp has the gift of transforming your meal into a suspended moment. Moreover, it is rumored that Madonna celebrated her birthday there!

9. El Diablo in Spain

Located in the Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote, the El Diablo restaurant was built around the crater of one of the park's volcanoes. At 2 meters below your feet is a lava, which is at no less than 400 degrees. No need for electricity or gas, everything is cooked with the heat of the volcano! Atypical... No need to say that the view on the national park is magnificent.


Let's move on to another type of experience. So far we have presented you with unusual restaurants because of their environment. In this category, you will find some restaurants offering a universe of their own.

10. IceRestaurant365 in Finland

Icy experiences like "icebars" are all the rage. We take it a step further with this complex made entirely of ice. You eat from a plate made of ice, on chairs and tables made of ice. The particularity of these complexes made of ice is that they have to be rebuilt every year after they melt completely! We can guarantee that it is very invigorating, brrrr!

By the way, we tell you about our trip to Lapland and our experience in an ice restaurant here.

11. The Archipelago in the United Kingdom

In the heart of London, the gastronomic restaurant The Archipelago advocates exoticism and offers international cuisine. In addition to fish or chicken, you can discover other "classics" such as zebra, python or locusts! Don't panic, vegetarian alternatives are also available. The principle is to combine exoticism and unexpectedness by merging several specialties from all over the world that are still little known, if not at all, in the Western world. This allows you to mix travel and culture in your culinary adventure, without leaving the old continent!

12. Dans le Noir ? in France

Let's stay in Europe, in France more precisely. The concept of being deprived of sight for the duration of a meal first appeared in Paris, but now exists in several other major cities. In addition to being a culinary experience, Dans le Noir? is also a sensory experience! Plunged into total darkness, you will have to rely on your taste and smell and let yourself be surprised by delicious gastronomic dishes.

So, let's go?

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