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Escape to Swedish Lapland: the must-sees

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Who hasn't dreamed of watching the Northern Lights, seeing polar animals in their wildest state or spending a night in a completely frozen hotel?

It is for all these reasons that the Story Tailor team went to one of the most beautiful places in the world: the Swedish Lapland! We take you to this beautiful region to show you the must-sees of Swedish Lapland.

1. Visit the Ice Hotel

For our first night, we stayed in the famous Ice Hotel. Although it is open all year round, we highly recommend this unique experience during the winter season. Every winter, the river around the Ice Hotel freezes over and a new ice structure is created. Our room was entirely made of ice. What is special about this establishment? Every year, the Ice Hotel calls on artists from all over the world to rebuild the rooms after the ice melts, which makes the design of each room exclusive. A unique experience where each room is ephemeral. We can guarantee you that sleeping under -5° will not leave you indifferent!

Of course, for those who are a bit chilly, this hotel also offers rooms in a warm building!

2. Go for a dog sled ride

Lapland is rich in varied polar landscapes, offering its share of activities allowing us to enjoy them to the fullest. One of the most important activities is of course the dog sledding. We went for an excursion of about 2h30 through the snowy nature. What a pleasure to be carried and to be able to observe this fabulous spectacle! The "sled riders" are very passionate, which makes the moment even more unique. It is a very fun experience and the dogs are just adorable. The love they can give is very contagious, beware!

3. Watch the Northern Lights from unusual accommodations

To be able to observe the Northern Lights is exceptional. It is a unique moment filled with mystery. Many factors independent of man come into play. We have tested the following accommodations which offer more beautiful landscapes than the others. Whether you come in winter to try to observe the aurora, or in summer to experience the midnight sun, each season gives way to surprise and wonder.

Aurora Sky Station

The Aurora Sky Station offers a series of experiences to try to observe the Northern Lights. It goes from a snowshoe walk at night, to a dinner in a high restaurant offering a panoramic view on the polar sky. By the way, you can find it in our article on unusual restaurants.

We put all our chances on our side, especially by staying in very clear places in order to have the widest possible view.

Aurora Igloo Hotel

The Aurora Igloo Hotel is a small glass cabin on a frozen lake, in the middle of nowhere. Peace and serenity are the order of the day. If you are looking for a unique accommodation, this is the one for you!

Arctic Bath

Another equally unusual complex, the Arctic Bath is made up of several cabins with different and modern styles, offering you an intimate space facing nature. They also offer massage services and an ice water bath! These cabins are composed of a small lounge area on the first floor and a sleeping area upstairs. The advantage is that this place is suitable for families!

4. Sleep in the boreal forest


How about frozen glamping, perched in the trees? That's what the Treehotel offers, with its cabins hidden in the woods, all impressive in their own way and each with a unique design.

Arctic Retreat

We also discovered the Arctic Retreat, a small hamlet made up of three cottages in the forest, offering an unobstructed view and always facing north.

5. Go meet the locals

What we love about traveling is the exchange of culture and discovery. We met Anna, a Sami woman who tells you about her native people living in Lapland. This off the beaten path experience allows you to learn more about her family and their culture. It was a moment suspended in time. We were able to taste their traditional food, learn their history and listen to Joik. Did you know that the traditional Sami job is reindeer herding? It is with pleasure and passion that they explain us this magnificent job. We had the chance to approach their reindeers and to feed them. An unforgettable moment.

6. Swim in the icy waters of the Arctic

It is known that the cold brings a series of benefits on our body. So what could be better than diving into the frozen waters of Lapland? This is what Polar Explorer Icebreaker offers: a 3-hour cruise to understand the functioning of an icebreaker and its environment. Immediate boarding to conquer the Arctic Ocean, where you will put on a floating and waterproof suit. So, ready to dive?

The desire to get away is felt more than ever during this period. So, what better way to get away than to think about where you want to go next? Story Tailor can help you make your dreams come true.

Convinced? Don't hesitate to contact us so we can organize your dream trip!

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