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About Us


About Us



"We create and surprise with the sole purpose of providing meaningful, uncommon and life-impacting experiences and encounters, creating the « waw » feeling. Every step of the journey is carefully designed to make you live unforgettable experiences. Our objective is to bring you excitement and happiness and make your time memorable and uniquely enriching." 

We Listen – Inspire – Create – Surprise – Take you Places – Make you Feel – Create an Impact – Share Passions – Build Encounters.

We Go Beyond & Reinvent Travel.


Behind Story Tailor

We have always loved to travel - with its endless opportunities, discoveries and excitments.

Coming from a background in business and consulting, Victoria and Renaud co-founded StoryTailor in 2019 after a one-year-long trip that took them to the other side of the World.


During that year they had the opportunity to cover 25 destinations and meet more than 350 partners. They took the time to fully immerse in the culture and traditions of each of their destinations, to create meaningful bonds, and to develop their knowledge of the places they went to. Today they use this expertise to offer exceptionally elaborate experiences, while promoting a unique way of traveling. 

They continue to explore the World to discover remote paradises and bring back the most exclusive and extraordinary experiences. 


This knowledge is reflected in all of Story Tailor's itineraries, which are 100% customized to your needs..

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