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Built on curiosity and driven by a passion for discovery, we design personalized journeys carefully crafted to meet your needs and expectations.We believe life’s greatest luxuries come from meaningful experiences and want to add this magical touch to every trip. Travel is not just about the destination but the physical and emotional journey we take, the cultures we embrace and the stories we bring home and share with our loved ones.


We created Story Tailor with the idea that people are increasingly looking for unique and authentic experiences that will inspire them and change the way they see life. With that constant focus in mind, Story Tailor aims to reinvent travel with every journey.

We continuously explore the world to discover remote paradises and bring you back the most exclusive and authentic experiences. Our first-hand knowledge of the destinations we offer along with our direct network of exceptional local partners are its recipe to inspire and design your dream experiences.

We Listen – Inspire – Create – Surprise – Take you Places – Make you Feel – Create a Positive Impact – Share Passions – Build Encounters. We Go Beyond. We Reinvent Travel.

It was in 2019, after a year-long trip that took them to the other side of the world, that Victoria and Renaud created Story Tailor.


During that year they had the opportunity to bond with locals, discovering the culture and traditions of each of their destinations. Today they use this expertise to offer exceptionally elaborate experiences, while promoting responsible travel.


Their knowledge is reflected in all of Story Tailor's itineraries, which are designed to offer you authentic and unusual experiences, but above all, to be 100% customized to your needs..



Our high-end curated journeys bring back purpose through immersive and positive-impact travel experiences. Although no two itineraries are the same, we aime to make sure each journey brings you the following benefits:


We take you away from the mass tourism to live authentic experiences and immerse yourself in the local atmosphere and culture! Moreover, we select partners who have a story to tell, along with an in-depth knowledge of their local environment to help us build your unique journey.


We create and surprise with the sole purpose of providing meaningful, exciting, uncommon and life-impacting experiences and encounters, creating the « waw » feeling. Every step of the journey is carefully designed to make you live unforgettable experiences. Our objective is to bring you excitement and happiness and make your time memorable. For that same reason we privilege exclusive partners and experiences allowing a high level of customization to make each journey different and uniquely enriching. Our off the beaten path itineraries will make you feel like the first explorer on earth, and let you unveil the beauty of each place.


We make every journey unique! We craft every itinerary with care and passion, tailored to the interests and dreams of our travelers. Our uncompromising attention to detail along our secret personal touch makes every journey seamless and extraordinary. Each journey is a unique piece of art that begins with your first contact with Story Tailor and unveils itself at each step of the experience. Your personal travel butler is your point of contact at any time and provides you the best support and advice throughout your experience. Our carefully selected network of high-end partners enable us to reach a high level of flexibility and customization to make every adventure special.


Our responsible travel ethic aims to preserve the integrity of our journeys and experiences. We aim to have a positive and minimal impact to the local communities and their environment and select local partners that share and demonstrate the same value through their “give-back” initiatives.

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