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1- How long does it take to organize a trip?

In most cases, you will receive your initial itinerary within a few days. First we set up a call with you to get to know your preferences, during which we will ask about your interests and discuss ideas for your chosen destination. From here we will curate a tailor-made itinerary and send it over within a few days. You can then define all the details with the other people in your party before confirming.

2- Do you organize kids-friendly trips?

Of course. We work with many kids-friendly properties and can tailor your program to the ages and interests of your children. Visit our family holidays page to find some inspiration for your perfect trip.
3- Is it possible to organize small trips, for example for a weekend? 

Of course, we can arrange trips of any length or intensity. So if you’re looking for a quick domestic getaway, do not hesitate to contact us
4- Do you book the flights? 

Plane tickets, all airport taxes, and airfare fees are not included in our proposals. Nevertheless, we create your itinerary based on the existing flights and advise you on the best flight options, which are for you to book once you confirm the trip. If you want us to book the flights for you, we can do so for an additional fee. We can also book private jets and charters, through our direct network, should you need them.

5- What happens after I book? 

When you are happy with your final itinerary and ready to confirm your journey, we will send you’re the booking confirmation documents and finalize all bookings with our local suppliers. As you get closer to the departure date and have made your final payment, we’ll send through your travel documents and roadbook before setting up a pre-departure call or meeting to go over every detail of your trip and answer any last-minute questions.

6- Can I book additional services after I have already booked and paid for the trip?

Yes, absolutely. We are very flexible and always welcome new ideas that might come to mind as your departure gets closer.

7- When do I have to pay 100% of the trip?

A deposit of 40% of the total amount of the trip must be paid at the time of the reservation. The balance is to be paid 60 days before the departure date (the exact date will be indicated in the payment document). For reservations made less than 60 days before the departure date, the full amount of the services will be required at the time of order.

8- How can I make the payment?

Payments by bank transfer are accepted. For credit card payments, a fee of 2.5% of the total amount of the file will be required, not refundable by the insurance company. Prices are expressed in EUR per file for the total number of participants, adults and children, on the same trip.
9- Do you give price breakdowns?

The details of the services included are precisely defined at the time of the final price summary. The prices also include our technical expertise (product research, intervention, approach and commercial margin). We are not able to give further price breakdowns as we receive contracted rates from our suppliers and these are therefore confidential.

10- What is included in the trip?

The details of the services included in your journey are defined in the booking confirmation document. Usually meal plans, excursions, and transfers are included.

11- What is not included in the trip?

Our travel packages do not include (unless otherwise stated) :

  • Formalities fees (vaccinations, passport, visa, Esta etc...)

  • Room occupancy in case of early arrival or late departure

  • Personnal insurance for cancellation, assistance, repatriation and luggage

  • Exit taxes, all airport taxes, airfare fees

  • International flight bookings

  • Excess luggage

  • All services prior to check-in at the departure airport and services after check-in at the return airport

  • Exceptional expenses due to fortuitous events (strikes, bad weather conditions...), nor those possibly caused during transit between 2 flights

  • The possible night of transit in case of pre/post routing without connection the same day

  • Any meals for your guide if you invite him/her to dine with you

  • Personal expenses such as laundry, communication charges, Internet access

12- Is there a fee for your service?

The final price includes our technical expenses, such as product research, intervention, approach and commercial margin.

13- What is Story Tailor doing for responsible travel?

In the creation of each trip, we seek to take an informed and responsible approach to minimizing the ecological footprint of our activities. As part of this approach, we support a project against deforestation in Ghana, in partnership with the company Greentripper, whose main mission is to neutralize the CO2 impacts of travelers.

Visit our responsible travel page to find out more about what we’re doing.

14- Do you help with the visa process?

Prior to the validation of the reservation, Story Tailor informs the client of the various administrative formalities necessary for the execution of the trip (identity card, passport, visa, entry forms, etc.). Their completion and the resulting costs are the sole responsibility of the client. If you want us to take care of all the administrative formalities linked to your trip, we can do so for an additional fee.

15- Do I need travel insurance?

No travel insurance (assistance, cancellation, repatriation, luggage or other) is included in our travel packages. Story Tailor strongly recommends its clients to subscribe to a personal travel insurance. If you want us to take care of it for you, we can do so for an additional fee.

16- Do I need vaccines for my trip?

Prior to the validation of the reservation, Story Tailor informs the client of the various health and sanitary formalities necessary for the execution of the trip (vaccinations, etc.). Their completion and the resulting costs are the sole responsibility of the client. 

17- How do I send feedback?

We love hearing about our clients’ adventures. Upon your return, we will send you our initial feedback form. This includes questions and ratings about your recent trip. We also like to have a direct feedback about your journey and our service and will therefore arrange a suitable time to have a full phone-based chat, which will help us remember your travel preferences for your next adventures with us. 

18- How do I stay in touch with you?

There are various ways we can stay in touch :

  •  Follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) to stay tuned with the travel trends 

  •  Sign up to our newsletter and receive our latest news.

  •  Don’t hesitate to ask for a call or a meeting in order to discuss with us your next travel dreams

Covid 19

Given the uncertainty of the current evolving global health situation, our team is constantly monitoring the changing entry requirements for the destinations we offer. We can therefore answer questions around your specific situation and provide guidance and support in satisfying the requirements. Please speak to your Travel Expert for bespoke advice. We currently have clients travelling to a wide range of destinations across the world and we can give you an accurate picture of the experience on the ground.

What if the health regulations change about travelling?
We constantly monitor changes in travel advice to the destinations in which we operate – should this advice change in the lead-up to your trip we will communicate this to you immediately and at that time can discuss the right course of action.

What are the rules around travelling with unvaccinated children?
Each country has different rules around unvaccinated children under 18, and we can provide advice specific to your chosen destination. Generally, we have found that children under 12 do not need to be vaccinated to travel to our key destinations, but may need to take an additional test pre- and/or post-arrival.

If  you have any further questions, please contact us.


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