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Kenya is the main focus of all adventure travel in Africa, and is one of the world's most beautiful-and arguably most famous-destinations for travelers. However, the safari is by no means the only reason to visit Kenya, as the attractions of its rich culture and diverse environments are considerable.


Located along the equator on the east coast of the African continent, its geography is wonderfully varied. While much of the northeastern part of the country is a flat plain covered in bushs, the rest of the country includes pristine beaches, scenic highlands and lake areas, the Great Rift Valley, and the magnificent Mount Kenya.  


In addition to the "Big Five" (elephant, rhino, leopard, buffalo and lion), you can also see giraffes, hippos, zebras, monkeys, felines, hyenas, warthogs and all species of antelopes, They include the small ones, called gazelles, and the large ones, such as the spotted wildebeest, which arrive in masses at Masai Marades in late June as part of their perilous migration and leave between November and December.

As for birds, ornithologists will see the eagles, vultures, serpent eagles, ostriches, pink flamingos, pelicans, cranes, herons, marabouts, rollers... that live in the area.

The region has developed its own language, Swahili, which is a Bantu language strongly influence by Arabic. Among other familiar words, the word safari is Swahili and simply means "journey".

Don't hesitate anymore and come discover this beautiful region.


Visit Nairobi

Explore Tsavo
National Park

Go on a safari in the
Masai Mara region

Relax by a heavenly sea


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