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Image de Harshil Gudka

Beautiful beaches in Kenya


Here, the advantage is that there is something for every taste, from wilderness to more developed areas, and you can either stay in a nice hotel with all the comforts of home, or go and get lost on a wild island to meet the locals.


Here are some beaches that are all different from each other:

-Diani Beach, undoubtedly the most famous beach in Kenya;

-Tiwi Beach, quieter and more isolated;

-Watamu Beach, located in a small authentic fishing village;

-Nyali Beach, a little more authentic, it has a special atmosphere and looks like a huge oasis. Nyali Beach is wide and not very deep, perfect for coral watching or kite surfing. Don't miss the Lamu Archipelago, which also offers beautiful beaches;

-Manda Beach, which is the third main island of the Lamu Archipelago and is only accessible by boat. Between mangrove forests and long sandy beaches, it is a perfect place for kite surfing and snorkeling;

-MandaToto is a small island also located in the Lamu Archipelago and is the perfect place to go if you want to discover a wild and uninhabited island.


If you are looking for beautiful white sand beaches with crystal clear water, you are in the perfect place!

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