A tailormade holiday in Zimbabwe offers a truly authentic experience in untapped nature reserves as you come toe to toe with some of the most diverse wildlife amid a patchwork of striking, poignant landscapes!

Zimbabwe derives its name from the spectacular stone structures of the Great Zimbabwe ruins, a World Heritage Site with a mysterious origin. The country is home to another three World Heritage sites, including the rugged granite outcrops of the Matobo Hills, the spectacular conservation area of Mana Pools and the magnificent Victoria Falls.


Tucked between the mighty Zambezi and the rolling Limpopo River, the Victoria Falls offer a magnificent spectacle you are not ready to forget.

Finally, the world’s largest man-made reservoir, the vast waters of Lake Kariba are home to the fierce tiger fish, renowned among avid anglers, while herds of wildlife wander its shores.


A holiday in Zimbabwe never fails to impress. This is a country of mountains, deserts, lakes and rivers. And in these landscapes, you will encounter abundant wildlife, and certainly the Big Five that have more than enough space to roam here.


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