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Zimbabwe's historical and cultural heritage


Zimbabwe is a country steeped in history that you will have the opportunity to discover throughout your stay. We will design for you a journey that will take you through the country's capital, Harare, known for its imposing buildings such as the parliament. Your private city tour with a local guide or historian will also make you stop in front of the Heroes Acre National Monument which commemorates the 25,000 indigenous people who died in the civil war for autonomy. 

You will also have the opportunity to visit many parks, gardens, museums or art galleries that the capital has to offer, along with the many trendy exhibitions, restaurants and bars where the vibrant atmosphere of the city comes from. Continue your historical tour of the country by visiting other highlights such as Great Zimbabwe, a ruined city dating back to medieval times, as well as the Matobo Hills site which has some exceptional rocky reliefs and hills worth discovering or the famous Chinoya Caves. 

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