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Travel memories: four websites to create your photo album

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

What if you took advantage of this lockdown to make your many overdue travel photo albums? We tried - and approved - four photo album creation websites to help you make the right choice!

In these times of isolation, it's sometimes difficult to find an activity to escape from everyday life. That's why we offer you another way to travel: through your holiday photos. It's the perfect opportunity to go through your all the photos and finally use them.

Many websites offer to create your photo album online easily but we tried and selected our favourites.

1- Blurb

On Blurb, you can create your photo album using Bookwright, their free easy-to-use layout software. The software offers automatic layouts, but it is possible to create your own templates and save them. You can also be inspired by the photo books of other creators on the website.

Once your photo book is created, you have to upload it on Blurb and you just have to order it. It is also possible to download it as a PDF to share it by email or on social networks. For photography lovers, you have the possibility to sell your creation! A good way to make your work visible on the internet...

Why choose Blurb? The customization of the layouts allows an even more unique rendering, and the printing quality of the books makes them a good value for money.

2- Innocence

In a pure and elegant design, Innocence offers you to edit your travel memories and make them come alive through a personalized photo album. Easy to use, you first need to import the photos you want to edit either from your computer, your social networks or directly from your phone. Give a title to your book and then you have two choices: you decide to let the site fill the book with your photos or you can complete it yourself according to your tastes.

Why choose Innocence ? The editing tool is very practical and fast. Moreover, the result is of great quality and the album is sent in a beautiful packaging.

3- Atelier Rosemood

The website offers to create your travel diary from photos you import from your computer, Instagram or Google. When you create an account on Atelier Rosemood, the photos you have already uploaded will always be available, which saves time. For the creation of your book, the website offers you to fill it in automatically or you can do it yourself. An automatic layout is available but you can modify it according to your wishes. A mobile application Atelier Rosemood is also available on iOS, so you can create your photo album directly from your phone in a quick and easy way!

Why choose Atelier Rosemood ? You can upload your photos directly from your smartphone which is very convenient!

4- Once Upon

Once Upon offers a time-saving solution for creating your photo book. It's a mobile application that allows you to create a photo album directly on your smartphone. This avoids the time-consuming process of transferring photos from your phone to your computer.

The first step is to download the application to your phone. Then you can start creating your album! The application offers an automatic layout that you can modify later.

Why choose Once Upon ? The mobile application that saves time and offers a quality result.

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