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5 unique and sustainable experiences that will make you discover Indonesia differently

When the idea of a trip to Indonesia is raised, it is not uncommon that Bali is the only destination imagined. Since February 4th, Indonesia has given the green light to reopen its borders to international travel, which had not been the case for many months due to the global pandemic. We propose 5 experiences that will make you discover Indonesia differently - combining originality, change of scenery, and breathtaking landscapes.

1/ Discover the Slow Travel on the magical island of Sumba

The island of Sumba is part of the Nusa Tenggara archipelago. It is the perfect balance between rest and discovery. For entertainment, there are many experiences, such as the waterfalls of Waimarang, Weekuri Lake, or the sandy beaches such as Walakiri Beach. Sumba has a beautiful nature, due to its pristine coastline and low mountains surrounding a limestone plain. The island is not touristy because it is still unknown. The locals have kept a very rustic way of life by perpetuating the traditions, which makes this island all the more authentic. Nihi Sumba Lodge, probably one of the best hotels in Indonesia, combines the high-end experience with a minimal ecological footprint. The lodge also actively collaborates with local communities by offering immersive experiences to their guests, such as giving English lessons, walking through organic gardens to cook local dishes, learning to weave with professionals or practicing traditional sports like nihi pasola. Sumba is a remote island off the beaten path but offers a stunning setting and a unique local experience.

· Our favorite lodge on Sumba Island: Nihi Sumba

2/ Dive in one of the most beautiful marine reserves in the world

The biodiversity of Indonesian waters is the richest in the world. It is home to about 3000 different species of fish, twice as many as the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Diving in Indonesia is a must, with tank or simple mask, you will discover an extraordinary fauna and flora. Located in the heart of the coral triangle, the Anambas Archipelago is one of the most beautiful dive sites in the world. Known as the "lost paradise", this archipelago, 2 hours from Singapore, is an idyllic place that will leave you speechless with its underwater beauty. The most passionate will be attracted by the islands of Raja Ampat, off Papua. It is a destination recently opened to tourism and considered as the world diving paradise with its 1,000 species of fish, 500 species of coral and 700 species of mollusks. However expensive and relatively difficult to access, this destination remains a pure gem!

· Our favorite place to stay in Bawah Reserve: Bawah Reserve

· Our favorite place to stay in Raja Ampat: Misool Resort

3/ Sailing in Indonesian waters on a traditional sailboat

Embarking on a cruise on a traditional yacht is an adventure in its purest form, an experience as luxurious as it is unusual that will make you discover the paradisiacal corners of the Indonesian archipelago. With only a few cabins, the boat is ideal for a group of friends looking for an unforgettable experience. From the Komodo Islands to the Raja Ampat region, you'll sail from cove to cove and explore the sea floor, with the boat equipped with all the diving gear and a dive master. This yacht is unlike any other and will leave an indelible impression.

· Our favorite place to stay during a cruise on a Dunia Baru: Dunia Baru

4/ The island of Sumatra, the unknown jewel of Indonesia

The island of Sumatra is divided into several small districts, some of which are known only by a few surfers in search of spectacular waves, privacy, calm and serenity. This island is the jewel of Indonesia. Bordered by 200 km of sandy beaches, coconut trees as far as the eye can see, and almost exclusively inhabited by locals, this island is a real diamond in the middle of the ocean. Crossed by a chain of volcanic mountains, it benefits from very varied and exotic landscapes. The northern province is home to Lake Toba, which will amaze you, it is also in the north that you can travel through the jungle to meet orangutan. The west is a region much less visited, we cross splendid landscapes, between lakes, volcanoes, valleys, or rice fields.

· Our favorite address where to stay in Sumatra : Sheraton Belitung Ressort

5/To climb the most beautiful volcanoes of the archipelago

Indonesia is known for its endless beaches, its translucent waters, and its marine wonders, but one should not put aside the magnitude of the beauties that the land world brings. It is a destination that wishes to move towards responsible tourism, so hiking is perfectly implemented in this objective and the only way to reach the volcanoes is by walking! Mount Batur is one of the most beautiful and easiest to climb. Located in the center-east of Bali, it rises to 1711 meters above sea level. Anyone wishing to discover magical landscapes can reach it, it only takes half a day with the family to make the return trip.

For more experienced hikers, Mount Rinjani, located north of Lombok, will be your choice. It rises to 3726 meters and the view from its summit is breathtaking. It takes 2 to 3 days to get there and back, but if you want to discover a volcanic lake and landscapes straight out of fantasy movies, anything goes. This volcano is for many the most impressive of the entire Indonesian archipelago.

· Our favorite address to stay in Bali to reach Mount Batur: Viceroy Bali

Indonesia is indeed an archipelago that will never stop surprising you. Both in the water and on land, this destination will leave you speechless and create indelible memories. We hope that these ideas have given you the taste of traveling and discovering Indonesia from a different perspective. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want us to organize your trip to Indonesia.

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