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9 unusual accommodations to escape from the ordinary in Belgium

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Summer is here and the beautiful days are here, the vacations on a tropical beach, a little less this year... So, to complete our recent glamping articles in the forest and on the water, we propose you 9 unusual accommodations perfect for glamping in Belgium.

Sometimes you don't have to go far to live unusual experiences. Some addresses are only a few kilometers away! Who said that Belgium was not exotic?

The Gnomes' Walk - Heyd

This hotel located in the middle of the Ardennes offers eleven rooms immersed in a unique and relaxing universe. Located in a green setting, these guest rooms will awaken your childlike soul and plunge you into an imaginary and unusual world.

One night for two people from 125 €. For more information on this unusual hotel, visit the website:

The unusual accommodations of the Domaine de Ronchinne - Maillen

Live an exotic experience in one of the unusual accommodations of the Domaine de Ronchinne. Between bivouac, tree houses or the famous loft cube, the domain offers many atypical accommodations for a memorable glamping experience.

One night for two people from 109 €. More details on the accommodations of the Domaine de Ronchinne on :

MurmuresNamur - Namur

Nestled in the heart of Namur's citadel district, this luxurious suite is perfect for a romantic stay in a green setting. MurmuresNamur's sleek and timeless style makes this a calm and soothing place to recharge and reconnect.

One night for two people from 280 €. More information about this luxury suite on the website :

Domaine des Grottes de Han - Han-sur-Lesse

Make a child's dream come true by sleeping in a Tree Tent in the heart of the Han Caves wildlife park! The domain offers 8 unusual accommodations perched in the trees on platforms. In the natural and wild setting of the park, this unique experience is the ideal opportunity to share a good time with your family...

One night for two people from 270 €. Find more details about the estate and its accommodations here:

Train Hostel - Brussels

You want to live a unique experience in the heart of Brussels? We have the right address for you: the Train Hostel. In an authentic and unusual setting, you will be able to experience sleeping in the heart of a real suspended and very comfortable train car.

One night for two people from 120 €. To board the Train Hostel, go to the website :

The Domaine de la Carrauterie - Sivry-Rance

To live a glamping experience like no other, the Domaine de la Carrauterie offers many unusual accommodations: a dome to sleep under the stars, a tree house, a trailer or a yurt. You will be able to rest in this calm and soothing setting where only a few small birds and wild rabbits will come to visit you.

One night for two people from 99 €. More information about the domain and these atypical accommodations on :

Sleep in a bubble - Antheit

Located in the province of Liege, Sleep in a bubble offers cozy and romantic accommodations for a perfect escape under the stars. The bucolic setting offers a magnificent view of the Mehaigne valley and its surrounding woods, perfect for a country walk.

One night for two people from 140 €. More details on this unusual accommodation here :

Borgloon Tents - Borgloon

On the way to Hex Castle, you will find four tents hanging from trees, floating a few meters above the ground. These teardrop-shaped accommodations are the work of sculptor Dré Wapenaar, who combined comfort with the unusual. The address is ideal for a glamping experience to share unique moments with your loved ones.

One night for two people from 70 €. More info on unusual tents on :

La Bulle of the Ry Farm - Sorinnes

Escape for a weekend in La bulle, an accommodation as magical as unusual, proposed by the Ferme du Ry. Located not far from a small bucolic village, it has all the necessary comfort for a unique stay in the heart of nature. Its terrace is the perfect place to contemplate the rural landscape and enjoy an outdoor breakfast, composed only of local and farm products.

One night for two people from 185 €. If you want to escape to this little love nest, go to the website :

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