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6 beautiful hikes to do in Belgium when the weather is nice

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

If you have never taken the time to discover the sumptuous landscapes of Belgium, it would seem that your next vacation will be the opportunity to discover your own country and its many often unknown treasures! We have therefore selected various hiking routes that will prove that you don't need to go far to see beautiful things.

If, after several weeks of lockdown, you dream of getting out of your house to take a breath of fresh air, don't wait any longer and put on your walking shoes for a well-deserved hike. We recommend different hiking spots, there are some for all levels, and the diversity of the landscapes proposed - by the sea, in the forest, in the countryside - will allow you to find your happiness. Follow the guide!

1. The Westhoek nature reserve

Nicknamed the "little Sahara", the Westhoek nature reserve covers more than 340 hectares and is the oldest nature reserve in Flanders. A walk in this dune massif along the North Sea is an opportunity to discover different types of dunes: between border dunes, parabolic dunes or even grey and white dunes, all of them testify of a nature full of life.

During your hike, don't be surprised if you meet some four-legged friends, between rabbits, toads or horses, this walk will be rich in encounters and is ideal for a family outing!

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2. Aywaille and the ruins of the castle of Amblève

In Aywaille, in Wallonia, a walk along the Amblève is an ideal way to discover an exceptional fauna and flora. The path offers a passage through the nature reserve Heid des Gattes where small goats roam freely.

Not far from there, it is possible to see the ruins of a castle on top of a cliff, the place is perfect to observe a magnificent panorama on the Amblève. The diversity of the landscapes during this hike will surely charm you and make you travel in the heart of nature.

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3. The mysterious forest of Anlier

Let's go to the heart of the Belgian Ardennes where the Anlier forest, one of the largest forest massifs, offers calm and freshness. It is the ideal place for a hike surrounded by trees where only birdsong and the rustle of the streams crossing the forest can be heard! Halfway through the hike, you can take a nap in the grass or stop for a while to observe the birds that live in the forest.

The serene and soothing atmosphere of the Anlier forest makes it a perfect place to refocus on yourself and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the place.

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4. The giant's tomb in Botassart

For an authentic nature hike, we recommend the route starting from the Giant's Tomb in Botassart, which is a real wonder. The place owes its name to the legend according to which a giant was buried there, and the forest took the shape of his face, as seen from above.

The village of Botassart offers a beautiful view on this hill classified as a natural heritage of landscape interest. The hike starts from the village and follows a meander of the Semois river which offers a unique setting where it is possible to observe the river from different angles.

5. The Sahara of Lommel

Looking for a change of scenery? The Sahara of Lommel is the perfect place for an unforgettable excursion. This desert landscape nestled in the middle of a large forest offers a breathtaking spectacle. The vibrant blue of the lake and the large variety of fauna and flora will make your hike a unique moment far from the beaten track! In the immediate vicinity of the Sahara of Lommel there is also a nature reserve, a privileged place for a walk, which you can reach by a pedestrian bridge.

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6. The rock of Hérou in the natural park of the two Ourthes

In the small village of Nadrin in Wallonia is the Hérou. Dominating a meander of the Ourthe, the top of the Hérou rock offers one of the most beautiful viewpoints on a wild landscape. It is possible to walk along the cliff and then to go down to the Ourthe to enjoy the quiet strength of the river.

A little further on, you will find the dam and the lake of Nisramont, where the two Ourthes meet; a magical sight! The solitude of this landscape will charm the lovers of wild nature. The diversity of the route, between stairs, steep paths and rocks, makes it a real adventure off the beaten track. You may also have the chance to see beavers, cormorants or kingfishers!

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