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5 city-trips in Europe to get away this fall

Instead of flying to the end of the world, why not opt for a city-trip to discover Europe this fall? Whether you want to escape to the Mediterranean or you are looking for a cultural getaway, there is something for everyone. The Old Continent is full of beautiful places!

1. Vienna - The most romantic

Voted "World's Most Pleasant City" by The Economist in 2019, Austria's beautiful capital is often overlooked. The city owes its fame to the beauty of its historic monuments, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you're a history and culture lover, we recommend a trip to the Austrian National Library. This architectural gem is also one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Next, visit the Habsburg Imperial Palace, former residence of the Habsburg dynasty and of course of Princess Sissi. With its architectural treasures, Vienna itself is an open-air museum. A perfect and romantic place for a few days of change of scenery this fall. Plus, prices to fly to the Austrian capital have never been lower! What are we waiting for to go there?

2. Porto - The most gourmet

Head to the beautiful Iberian Peninsula: fly to Porto, Portugal's second largest city. With its many architectural gems and its incredible historical center located not far from the Atlantic Ocean coast, this magnificent destination is 2 hours flight from Brussels and it is the ideal place for a citytrip on the theme of gastronomy. Our favorite? The visit and the tasting of the famous Porto wines produced in the region. A great way to take a break after walking through the colorful streets of the city! To take full advantage of the city's charm and to be able to explore it in a relaxed way, we recommend that you stay 3 to 4 days in order to have time to admire the highlights of Porto and to stroll to the rhythm of Portuguese life. Do you want to discover a gourmet dish? We recommend you try the unavoidable dish of the region, the Francesinha, a kind of croque-monsieur revisited with meat and cheese. Just like us, you are likely to fall under the spell of this place and you will always find something beautiful to see, something good to do and something delicious to eat!

3. Krakow - The most different

Classified by Unesco as one of the 12 most beautiful cities in the world, Krakow is an impressive city full of little nuggets to see and discover. Our favorite? The pastel facades of the sumptuous buildings and restaurants that surround the Rynek Glowny square, the largest medieval square in Europe! To admire the beauty of the city's architecture, we recommend a visit to Krakow Castle at the top of Wawel Hill, a must-see place overlooking the entire city that promises to transport you into a real fairy tale. Autumn is also a very pleasant season to take a break from time in the old Polish capital, we promise you won't be disappointed!

4. Palermo - The sunniest one

Palermo is the ideal destination if you are looking to extend your summer a little longer. Located on the beautiful island of Sicily in the middle of the Mediterranean, the temperatures are much more pleasant in the fall than in the middle of summer and with the departure of tourists, the city is even more peaceful to visit. The icing on the cake? The temperatures are so mild that it is still possible to swim in the idyllic setting of the Santa Flavia beaches in the low season. For a change of scenery, we recommend a stop in the small seaside resort of Cefalù to discover its beaches and its sumptuous Arab-Norman cathedral. Palermo seems to be the perfect compromise for those who wish to discover the beauty of Sicily, the Italian gastronomy and to grant themselves a moment of Dolce Vita!

5. Rotterdam - The trendiest one

If you are a fan of contemporary and avant-garde architecture, trendy shopping and all kinds of goodies, Rotterdam is the place for you! The center is easily walkable and no matter where you go, the city is full of architectural surprises, both modern and futuristic. To start your visit, discover the amazing design of the cubic houses, the emblem of the city. For a gourmet break in an atypical and unique place, we recommend the overflowing alleys of the Markthal, the largest covered market in Holland. The city is full of trendy places like Op Het Dak, an impressive restaurant perched on a rooftop and where the products come directly from its own vegetable garden on the roof! As you can see, Rotterdam is surprising and lively for a weekend with your partner, family or friends.

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