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Italy: 7 unusual hotels for a dream vacation

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

This summer, we've decided to take you on a journey through Europe to discover idyllic places and exclusive experiences. Today, we're heading to Italy, one of the most popular destinations in the world, whose diversity of landscapes makes it a real gem. In the heart of the countryside or on the Mediterranean Sea, in a monastery setting or on top of a lighthouse, we have selected for you the most beautiful hotels in Italy to make your stay even more exceptional.

Monastero Santa Rosa - Amalfi

This former monastery perched on the edge of a cliff has kept its soul and its history while becoming a splendid boutique hotel. With four levels of gardens and an infinity pool, the place offers a panoramic view of the sea. A breathtaking sight!

Its secluded location allows for a rejuvenating stay away from the crowds, ideal for an intimate getaway. The 20 rooms and suites offered maintain a link with the past and the history of the place to immerse visitors in the atmosphere of the time. With all the necessary comforts and an unobstructed view of the sea, this little nugget will perfectly satisfy your desire for an idyllic vacation.

More information about the hotel Monastero Santa Rosa on the website :

Mandranova - Sicily

Nestled in the heart of a green oasis is an old farmhouse that has been completely restored and whose rustic simplicity guarantees a stay based on the theme of well-being and tranquility. Nature lovers will be seduced by the authentic and rural setting of this magical place, where young olive trees grow and transport travelers with their scents. The complex has only 15 rooms and offers all the necessary comforts for a luxurious stay. Decorated in typical Sicilian style, the rooms blend in perfectly with the surrounding landscape. The estate also offers a sumptuous independent villa with private pool and a breathtaking view of the olive grove facing the sea.

In addition to its sumptuous accommodations, Mandranova offers an exclusive tour of its olive grove and oil mill, a great opportunity to discover the secrets of the world-renowned olive oil production. And for an excursion off the beaten track, the estate offers a boat trip to discover the most beautiful places in Sicily.

The small plus of this unusual accommodation: their refined cuisine based on farm products...

More details about this accommodation in Sicily right here :

Sikelia - Pantelleria

Located on the wild and silent island of Pantelleria, Hotel Sikelia is home to 20 luxury suites housed in ancient dammusi (houses built of local lava stone with domed roofs for rainwater collection). A blend of monastic architecture and contemporary elegance, the tranquility of the place will make you feel at home. Some suites have a private terrace where you can enjoy the surrounding nature and the beautiful sunset over the sea.

The hotel offers various experiences to travelers to discover all the small heavenly corners of the island: sea excursion on a fishing boat, visiting to the vineyards and tasting of the best wines of Pantelleria, hiking along the natural paths ...

Find yourself in this unique and intimate setting where wild nature merges with minimalist design to offer an unforgettable stay on the island.

To discover the hotel and its experiences, go to

Eremito Hotelito del Alma - Umbria

For a unique experience, this contemporary former monastery turned eco-hotel is the ideal place for a total change of scenery. The original structure of the hotel dates back to the 14th century, but the place has kept its original soul and each of the rooms traces the history of this imposing building. Eremito is the ideal address for travelers in search of peace, its location in the heart of the Umbrian valleys amplifies the feeling of solitude and tranquility.

This small charming hotel offers a wide range of services to guarantee a wellness and rejuvenating stay, between yoga sessions, steam baths and natural tea tasting, it is difficult not to be tempted!

For more information about the Eremito Hotel, please visit :

Sagna Rotonda - Piedmont

Nestled in the Maira Valley, this small village in Piedmont offers a unique experience in the heart of the mountains, in a natural and authentic setting. It is the project of a family who decided to renovate this small forgotten hamlet into a true haven of peace lost in the Alps.

In respect of the environment, Sagna Rotonda offers 10 comfortable and welcoming accommodations, mainly made of natural materials, for the whole family. To live a wellness experience, it is possible to reserve the exclusive spa area offered by the establishment. Located in an old stable, refurbished with a beautiful stone vault, the spa has everything you need to recharge your batteries.

More details about Sagna Rotonda right here :

Sextantio - Matera

Located in Matera, in the historic heart of Sassi, this atypical hotel offers 18 accommodations inside caves, in a minimalist and most unusual setting.

The Sassi of Matera is a UNESCO heritage site, and each room has been built with respect for the cultural and historical heritage of the area. The place exudes a peaceful atmosphere, conducive to spirituality and self-centeredness.

The entire complex overlooks the Gravina stream from the cliffs, offering a breathtaking panorama.

Sextantio offers a unique experience in the heart of history ... for a real journey back in time.

For more information about this hotel, please visit :

Capo-Spartivento - Sardinia

What could be more atypical than a night in a lighthouse by the sea? This is the concept that Capo-Spartivento proposes, where exclusivity and authenticity meet to make its visitors travel like nowhere else. In an intimate setting nestled on top of a cliff, the lighthouse offers countless views of the coastline, providing an incredible end-of-the-world feeling. In front of the lighthouse, you can enjoy an infinity pool and an outdoor lounge, perfect for relaxing in front of a unique panorama and for admiring the sunsets over the sea. The lighthouse has only four suites whose modern and minimalist style will seduce you while providing all the comfort you need.

Only a few meters from the lighthouse is the "Lighthouse Keeper's House", a building full of history that also offers four suites with a modern and ancient decor.

More info on this unique accommodation in Sardinia right here:

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