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This beguiling nation of over 17,000 islands has massive potential for adventures. It’s hard to beat Indonesia for the sheer range of experiences on offer. The country is home of so many deep and rich cultures, from the mysteries of the spiritual Balinese to the ancient animist belief system of the Asmat people of Papua.

Venturing across Indonesia you’ll see a wonderfully dramatic landscape as diverse as anywhere on the planet: the hundred volcanoes of Sumatra ; the pristine beaches of Bali ; the superb surf spots of Sumba ; the lush tropical forests of Flores ; the incredible hikes of Lombok ; the extraordinary wildlife and scuba diving experience of Komodo Islands ; the fascinating temples and sacred sites of Java ; or the breathtaking nature of Raja Ampat… This intoxicating land offers some of the last great adventures on earth!

One of the best ways to see the country is from the water, and we can organise a private charter yacht to take you through the emerald waters surrounding Indonesia’s islands. You’ll get to see sublime scenery, explore hidden coves and dive off the deck for a swim whenever you fancy.

Each island has its own character and activities to enjoy so we can help you tailor your perfect break while making sure to take you to the most preserved and off-beaten tracks places Indonesia has to offer! Our select range of stylish eco and luxury accommodations and partners will work with us to ensure you live a truly authentic and exclusive experience – the journey of a lifetime!


Bromo and Semeru volcanoes
Sharks Indonesia
Borobudur Temple Indonesia

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