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Indonesian culture 


During your trip, discover the Indonesian culture and its traditions, which will plunge you into a world of dreams. By going to the island of Bali, you will be dazzled by the practice of Hinduism which will be revealed to you in a colorful show. During a procession through the streets of the island, you will be able to observe the women carrying on their heads fruits, cakes and colorful flowers as offerings. In the evening, you can meet at Ubud Palace to watch the traditional legong dance, one of the customs for which Indonesia is famous. 

You will also discover fascinating objects reminiscent of the country's culture such as fabrics decorated with Javanese batik, chalk or pencil patterns. 

Go and meet the Dukuns, known for being healing sorcerers but also for their ability to communicate with the spirits who, according to Indonesian beliefs, cohabit on Earth with humans. 

During your trip, you will have the opportunity to learn and marvel at a multitude of Indonesian traditions and customs that will allow you to know at best the culture of this archipelago, which abounds in both spiritual and human riches. 

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