Denmark, a small country still unknown and far away from mass tourism, perfectly fits the definition of an exclusive trip in the heart of an intoxicating nature. 


A stay in Denmark would not be the same without a visit to its capital: Copenhagen. At the tip of a coastal island, the city has an ideal charm for a romantic getaway. Copenhagen can be discovered on a bicycle, on foot or on a boat, which is what makes it so special. 


But the discovery of Denmark doesn't stop at its capital. The country abounds with gems like the incredible Faroe Islands with their landscapes as far as the eye can see, the splendid national parks that immerse us in a world of discovery and nature. Marked by the time of the Vikings, many museums and archaeological sites bear witness to the exciting history of this era.  


Denmark is also a way of life, the population has a gift for friendship and hospitality, their joie de vivre touches the curious traveller and marks the spirits. Let's concoct together your tailor-made trip in this small Scandinavian country according to your desires!

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