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Costa Rica means “rich coast” in Spanish, and nothing could ring truer of this Central American country. Costa Rica boasts astounding biological diversity and landscapes of active volcanoes, cloud forests, sparkling beaches and tropical rainforests. Our signature journeys make the most of the country's natural beauty, with days filled with eco-friendly adventures and tranquil evenings spent in Costa Rica's best lodges.


For those looking for a holiday with exclusive lodges, unique excursions, beautiful beaches and lots of charm, Costa Rica ticks all the boxes. The dense rainforest that covers most of the country is teeming with unique wildlife and the beaches here are just as famous for their sea turtles as their surfer-drawing swells. Eat breakfast while sloths lazily crawl between trees nearby, spend your day exploring waterfalls and rivers by raft before whiling away balmy evenings with your feet up and a cocktail in hand.

From the breathtaking Osa Peninsula, to the impressive Arenal volcano and thermal baths, to remote luxury eco-lodges in the laid-back golf of Papayago, your journey in Costa Rica will amaze you from start to finish!


Villa avec vue sur la mer Costa Rica
Rainfall in Costa Rica
Côte Costa Rica

Explore the lush rainforest of the Osa Peninsula

Indulge in some private villa with sea view

Take a swim in pristine hidden waterfalls

Go whale watching and snorkeling around pristine islands

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