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Zambezi River 


Go on an exploration of the Zambezi River, one of the last great untamed rivers. Every year, in April, it overflows, transforming the savannah into a huge lake, to the delight of the crocodiles and the hippos.  

Wake up early to get the opportunity to watch the elephants bath and play in the river while crossing it, but also to have the chance to cross the path of zebras, leopards, lions who come to quench their thirst on the shore before the heat of the day. Your guide will take you on a motor boat to navigate on the Zambezi waters and discover the sumptuous landscapes they cross. Alternatively, you can also try out one of the several activities that can be practiced on this immense river, such as tiger fishing. 

To shiver with happiness, come at sunrise or sunset to admire the beautiful colors, take some great pictures and capture wonderful memories.


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