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Travel to disconnect from your everyday and detox, refuel and rejuvenate through a wellness-centered journey. Together with a wellness specialist, design a plan to rejuvenate both physically and mentally in a unique cultural setting.

The trend for taking wellness holidays continues to rise as more people recognise that being healthy allows them to lead a vibrant life. The frenetic pace of the modern world has lead to increased burn-out and stress so heading away on a retreat holiday makes perfect sense. 

A wellness break can address a range of issues such as sleep issues, managing stress and dealing with hormonal imbalances.  We will tailor your wellness retreat according to your needs and make sure you will receive expert advice on diet and exercise and, more importantly, recommendations on how to continue being healthy once home.  Our partner retreats can also propose you tested healing modalities such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Naturopathy and many of them have doctors on site to give you the best advice and oversee your personalised programme.  

Enjoy therapies inspired by ancient traditions, alternative natural medicine, meditative practices in secluded sacred spaces, and mindful workshops in stunning natural surroundings.  A wellness holiday can allow you the time to be looked after and guided by experts away from your normal environment, while discovering a new destination at the same time.  This will let you focus on your health in a supported space while indulging in some cultural, outdoor, and local experiences.

Our selection of experiences 

Taj Mahal en Inde
Eco-hab Colombia
Restaurant Sri Lanka
Amazon Rainforest

Enjoy a wellness retreat

in India

Recharge your batteries in an

Eco-hab in Colombia

Enjoy a nature and wellness retreat

in Sri Lanka

Wellness in the heart of the

Amazon rainforest

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