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Inca Trail


Set off on the trek of the Inca Trail, once traversed by the Inca people, and learn about their history along the way. This path, also known as Qhapaq Nan, is an extensive network of communication, trade and defense routes of about 30,000 kilometers. The Inca Trail connects the snow-capped peaks of the Andes to the coast through beautiful landscapes, ranging from tropical forests to deserts. 

Disembark in Arica, and visit the Archaeological Museum of San Miguel to see the oldest mummies in the world. Dating back to 6000 years BC, these mummies testify to the presence of the Chinchorros, a people of fishermen, hunter-gatherers living in semi-nomadic camps along the Pacific coast. During your visit, you will discover how these people mummified their dead, but also their entire history, which is retraced throughout the museum. 

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