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Thar Desert 


Go to the Thar Desert in the West of India or to the Jaisalmer Desert close to Pushkar, for a camel ride that can last between a few hours and a day if you wish. On your way, you will pass through small villages where you will have the opportunity to meet the inhabitants and, why not, exchange a little with them. 

This ride in the desert landscapes as far as the eye can see is a real change of scenery. At the end of the day, find your spot on one of the highest dunes to admire the sunset and the breathtaking view of the desert. 

Take the opportunity to Jaisalmer, the golden city. The citadel built on top of a hill and the temples of the old centre are worth the detour. Do not hesitate to stop for a traditional Indian chai tea in one of the city's shops. You will also have the option to go on a night safari, and thus fall asleep under a sky full of constellations with your eyes full of stars.

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