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When people think of Tanzania, they think of safari...but Tanzania is not just about safari. Traveling to Tanzania is like living a daydream.

In both the north and the south of the country, you will encounter wild fauna living in beautiful national parks. The north is the most visited and touristy area of the country, while the south is a wilder and less visited region.


Discovering Tanzania also means discovering its local ethnic groups such as the Maasai. You will have a privileged experience at their side for several hours in the Arusha area.


As you can see, traveling to Tanzania is like living out a childhood dream where you get to see unique wildlife scenes such as the Great Annual Wildebeest Migration in the Serengeti National Park or the safaris in the remarkable national parks such as the beautiful Ngorongoro National Park in the north or the Selous Game Reserve in the south.


Serengeti National Park
Kilimanjaro National Park
Ngorongoro Crater

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