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Spear fishing


Start learning the techniques of spear fishing with a local fisherman who will take the time to show you the traditional way of living and working within his community. This incredibly authentic experience will take you to Kosy Bay where the fishermen from the Thonga people will be happy to show you their fishing skills, how to build your own spear, how to repair their traps when they get damaged by the hippos laying in and around the lake, along with a whole bunch of other insights and practical fishing tips. You will also get to learn the art of manoeuvring a “mocoro”, a local gondola made of light wood. Don't be afraid to get wet in order to catch as many fishes as possible! 

You will come out of this experience having learnt plenty of new skills while having a great deal of fun. Above all, you will be able to cook the fish you have caught and enjoy your well-deserved meal. 

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