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Image by Antonio Gabola

Basque Country 


The Basque Country, a region with such a special culture whose origins are unknown and unique in Europe. In addition to its rich historical and natural heritage, the Basque Country is full of traditions and customs that make visitors travel a little further. 

Stroll through the streets of Bilbao, famous for its world-famous Guggenheim Museum of Contemporary Art, whose architecture has earned it a worldwide reputation. For a trip back in time, visit Gaztelugatxe, a monastery with ancient origins, perched on an island. 

A visit to Guernica is a must during a stay in the Basque country. You will learn more about the sinister events that took place in the small town, a picture of which Picasso drew. 

For nature lovers, the Basque country has some nice surprises in store for you, such as a day's hike in the Iraty forest where you can see the traditional huts of the Basque shepherds. 

This region in the north of Spain is full of cultural, natural and historical treasures that are a must to discover during a stay in Spain. 

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