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Image by Dimitry Anikin

Lake Bled 


Lake Bled is one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia, with a small island nestled in its heart on which stands a beautiful church, creating an atmosphere that is both calm and romantic. Various activities are offered to discover the lake from all angles. It is possible to walk or cycle around the lake, to stop on the way to cool off in its waters, to taste the Kremsnita - the traditional Bled cake - or to climb the highest hills to enjoy a unique view of the lake. 

In summer, sailing on the lake in a boat is one of the most memorable experiences. You can also walk through the extraordinary Vintgar Gorge, whose natural beauty is undisputed. 

This small jewel of Slovenia is one of the most beautiful places to discover during a stay in the country. For an experience far away from mass tourism, we recommend the most secret and exclusive places for a more authentic experience.

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