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Yala, Bundala,...


Sri Lanka is one of the few countries in Asia where it is possible to go on a safari and see many animals such as elephants or even leopards. With no less than 26 national parks, Sri Lanka is a dream destination for nature and adventure lovers! 


Aboard a Jeep, set off on the country's most dense national reserve, Yala, where you will get to spot many species of animals in their natural habitat while discovering wonderful landscapes along the way. A safari in Bundala will allow you to see the most beautiful species of birds; flamingos, herons, storks... and to be lulled by their singing on a background of ocean and green nature. You may also be lucky enough to see reptiles and a few rare elephants still living in Bundala Forest. 


Make this safari a highlight of your trip by keeping in mind and remembering all the beautiful things you have seen.

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