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Safari in South Africa


South Africa is one of the most famous safari destinations! This country offers the possibility to admire its great and highly diverse wildlife throughout the year. You can indeed spot a broad range of wild animals in the country's 20 or so national parks and its numerous private reserves. Depending on your wishes, we will advise on the best reserve for you to have the chance to meet the much sought-after "Big 5": lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalo ; the greatest variety of birds if you are into bird watching ; or some more off-the-beaten tracks reserves if you want something a bit more preserved.

You will be able to experience your safaris in different ways: whether from the comfort of a 4x4, on board a boat to observe whales, elephants and hippos up close, or even by foot which can be done in a few reserves only. In any case, whether you stroll the famous Kruger Park or some lesser known private reserves in the surrounding area, we guarantee you an equally extraordinary excursion which is likely to leave you speechless and amazed. 

This incredible experience will allow you to see the animals in their natural habitat and to venture through the beauty of South Africa’s flora. Indulging in a few days of safari experience is sure to be one of the highlights of your journey! 

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