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Travel outside the EU: here are 12 destinations that are now accessible to Belgians

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Winter is approaching and you need a few days of vacation? Just in time! Several heavenly international destinations have indeed reopened their borders to Belgian travelers. With a negative PCR test in most cases, access to these destinations is again very simple. The ideal opportunity to plan your next trip in search of sun and escape to the other side of the world. Let's go?


1. Kenya

It is impossible to evoke Kenya without thinking of the richness of its fauna and flora recognized worldwide. Its national parks, its natural reserves (about forty in total) and the Big Five are an extraordinary invitation to meet nature and wildlife. Discover savannahs populated by big cats, ancestral cultures so well preserved from modernity, imposing mountain lakes, equatorial forests, arid deserts and dream beaches bordered by coral reefs all within one country, Kenya.

2. Morocco

If you want to get away from the dullness of Belgium in less than a four-hour flight, Morocco is undoubtedly the ideal place! Sip a mint tea on the mythical Jemaa-el-Fna square in Marrakech, discover the beauty of the azure blue alleys of Chefchaouen in the Atlas Mountains, or stay a few nights in the Agafay desert, the "land of the distant sunset" is a destination full of riches and contrasts that will delight the traveling souls in need of adventure.

3. Namibia

Namibia is a magical and beautiful destination, still untouched by mass tourism and often referred to as the soul of Africa. The country is characterized by its vast open spaces and breathtaking desert landscapes - between its many deserts, arid plains, and lush green nature reserves. This is a trip that will dazzle you with a mixture of nature, wildlife, and the discovery of the Himbas tribes and ancestral traditions. Moreover, Namibia is a destination that can be visited all year round due to its mainly dry and arid climate and its mild and warm temperatures!

4. Rwanda

Rwanda is a small country that has been opening up to frequent travelers since several years. Green mountains, national parks and safaris, the country nicknamed "Land of a Thousand Hills" is a unique destination that will transport you and take you out of the traditional tours. Overlooked by a large central plateau made up of steep mountains and deep, wild valleys, discover this unique country and its famous gorillas during an exclusive visit to the Volcanoes National Park. The discovery of Rwanda promises you an unforgettable stay in this still unknown jewel of Africa!

5. Tanzania

Tanzania has recently reopened its doors, for our greatest pleasure! Would you like to escape to the vast savannahs populated by acacias and baobabs, or to spectacular volcanic mountains rising straight from the bowels of the earth? Now it's possible again and Tanzania is the perfect place for a first encounter with Africa. If you have always dreamed of seeing the Kilimanjaro and going on a safari to discover the animal kingdom, a trip to Tanzania will fulfill your expectations of nature, the unusual and the wild!

6. Zimbabwe

Want to go on an adventure? Zimbabwe has also recently reopened its borders. Landlocked in southern Africa, Zimbabwe owes its success to its spectacular scenery and diverse wildlife. Visit the Matusadona and Mana Pools National Parks for a chance to see hippos and rhinos up close as you explore this impressive country. And why not end your stay with a few days of relaxation at the Victoria Falls? A unique experience that you won't forget.


7. Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan may not be the first destination that comes to your mind when you plan your future vacations, but this country still very much unknown conceals many treasures. Far from mass tourism and still preserved from modernity, the country is defined above all by its topography and the fabulous mountainous landscapes. You will discover the unique scenery in which the semi-nomadic shepherds still live. You will be able to discover their way of life and experience a night in a yurt. In the hollow of the mountains and valleys, the vestiges of a disappeared ocean left many lakes of which Issyk Kul, the second largest mountain lake of the world after Titicaca. More than the discovery of a country, it is the discovery of a unique and original way of life that Kyrgyzstan reserves for you. To be discovered on foot, on horseback or by 4x4, this country will make you live a most unusual experience!

8. Maldives

Looking for an escape to turquoise waters on the other side of the world? You will be seduced by the paradisiacal setting of the Maldives if you are looking for sunny sandy beaches, translucent waters and multicolored fish. Enjoy an absolutely relaxing stay on one of the small atoll islands, an opportunity to truly disconnect and savor an experience combining nature, gastronomy and well-being. The good news? It's the best time of the year to visit this idyllic place, which is still not very popular with tourists at the moment.


9. Costa Rica

Costa Rica means "rich coast" in Spanish, and nothing could be truer for this beautiful country. This little jewel of Central America owes its worldwide fame to its rich biodiversity, its virtually untouched nature, its impressive, still active volcanoes and the sparkling beaches that line its coastline. The Manuel Antonio National Park, located on the central Pacific coast of the country, brings all these elements together and is a must-see when visiting the country. It is also an ideal destination for family vacations, for its nature and wildlife that will amaze young and old. Escape guaranteed!

10. Ecuador

As the point of convergence of the two hemispheres, Ecuador welcomes you back, offering an amazing array of landscapes, cultures and experiences. Let yourself be surprised by its rich heritage, majestically expressed in its churches, buildings and colonial cities like Quito. For nature lovers, it is impossible to miss the Galapagos Islands, a unique wildlife reservoir and one of the few places on the planet where the human footprint is reduced to a minimum. We also recommend you discover the Amazonian forest, for a new and very different experience!

11. Mexico

Want to discover the richness of Mexico's landscapes and follow in the footsteps of the Mayan civilization? It is now possible again. Discover this impressive country and Chichen Itza, one of the seven wonders of the world, during your next vacation. Mexico is a unique, fascinating and vibrant country. A mythical land that evokes the pre-Hispanic world, the adventure of the conquistadores, the revolution, and the joyful and colorful festivals. A country that has a lot to offer and a climate that will delight travelers in need of sun!

12. Dominican Republic

If for you travel rhymes with postcard landscapes and relax, then you will be delighted to discover the Dominican Republic. This small country nestled in the heart of the Caribbean is known for its white sand beaches, its beautiful resorts and its golf courses. It is also home to beautiful tropical forests and mountains including Pico Duarte, the highest peak in the Caribbean. Whether you are a fan of "farniente" or looking for a change of scenery away from the hustle and bustle of these large metropolises, the Dominican Republic is a destination that is waiting for you!

You want to plan your future vacation in one of these unique destinations? Contact us to design your dream trip together!

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