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Travelogues: 7 books to go on an adventure from your sofa

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

And if it was possible to travel by reading? 8 explorers-adventurers tell their journey of several months around the world through exciting travel stories, which reveal in great detail the adventure that each of them has lived. We advise you to read them one by one in order to make the most of this lockdown phase.

In this unprecedented period, we call upon our creativity to fill our need for escape. Today, we suggest you discover 7 exciting books that invite you to travel, to devour without moderation from home! Enough to literally transport you until you can live your adventure dreams again. We have chosen to present the stories of several adventurers who have gone to conquer a country, and sometimes even the world. Captivating and endearing stories that will certainly inspire your future travel plans.

For an adrenaline rush: 127 hours by Aron Ralston

The first book we suggest you read is a thrilling true story of a solo adventure gone wrong. You may be familiar with the movie 127 Hours, but we assure you that this book is even more thrilling! 

It tells the story of a 27 year old mountaineer, Aron Ralston, who decides on April 26, 2003 to go alone to hike in the Utah Gorge in the United States. Having already climbed high peaks in the past, he left confident in his discovery of the region. 

However, luck was not on his side. In a canyon far from the main roads, a rock falls on him and traps his arm against a rock wall. Convinced that help will eventually hear his distress, he waits for long hours in unbearable conditions: pain, dehydration, hypothermia, fatigue,... 

It is only after 127 hours of waiting without any sign of help that he makes a radical but essential decision to survive. 127 hours is a fascinating book that tells the story of a courageous man, able to cross his limits to find freedom. It is one of our favorites of this article! 

127 hours - Aron Ralston - Pocket Edition (2011) 

For a journey of introspection: The man who wanted to be happy by Laurent Gounelle 

The man who wanted to be happy is the story of a man on vacation in Bali who, just before his return, hears about a healer with a great reputation. Why not meet him? Who knows, maybe he will teach him a little more about himself. 

So he goes to meet the healer, without any particular expectations. But the old man's diagnosis is clear: our hero is in perfect health, he's just not... happy. What the healer then tells him will lead him into the most captivating adventure he has ever known: the quest for happiness. 

The Man Who Wanted to be Happy provides many insights into what prevents us from being truly happy. It is an enriching story that will fascinate readers interested in the theme of mindfulness!

The Man Who Wanted to be Happy - Laurent Gounelle - Pocket Edition (2010)

To travel around the world: A 3 years journey by Claire & Reno Marca

A 3 Years Journey takes us to meet Claire and Reno Marca, a couple of adventurers in love with beautiful travels. As the title of the book indicates, the story tells of their long and magnificent journey of 3 years, discovering 25 countries on 4 different continents, and reveals their secrets to us through an exciting read. 

A 3 Years Journey takes us to the most beautiful places in the world, from Africa to the Pacific Islands, and describes the must-sees of each country as well as the most beautiful discoveries of these nomad lovers. It also describes the daily life of a great traveler, the unforgettable encounters made throughout the trip, the imperishable memories that they keep, but also the hazards of life on the road. 

It is a captivating book, but also immersive thanks to the hundreds of photos illustrating their journey. It's simple, you feel like you're traveling with them! And that's all we need to escape from our couch.

A 3 years journey - Claire et Reno Marca - Édition de la Martinière (2005)

For a breath of sea air: The long way by Bernard Moitessier

This time, we meet a man, Bernard Moitessier, whose greatest dream was to sail around the world. A dream fulfilled in 1968, when he decided to participate in the first solo, non-stop regatta, passing through the Capes of Good Hope, Leeuwin and Horn. 

He then found himself alone in the middle of the sea, and retraced his 10 long months without touching land. He enthusiastically recounts the most beautiful aquatic species he discovered, the colorful skies as far as the eye can see and his daily life aboard his little ship, the Joshua. This travelogue conveys his feelings with simplicity, and makes us travel by thought. 

The long way - Bernard Moitessier - Mariner's Library (2012)

To make you want to leave everything behind: Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer 

This story, well known thanks to its film adaptation, remains one of our favorite adventures, with its touching and surprising story. 

Christopher McCandless is a brilliant young graduate with a great future ahead of him. However, he decides to sacrifice everything to leave for the unknown on the roads of the world, convinced that the life of an adventurer will make him happier than pursuing the American dream. 

He then travels for 2 years on the roads of the South and the West of America before finding happiness in the heart of the forests of Alaska. It is a magnificent journey, as high as the 24 year old man imagines. But this crazy and limitless experience ends up going awry and turning against him. We warned you, Into the Wild is a (very) moving book.

Into the Wild - Jon Krakauer - Anchor Books (2008)

For a dose of adventure: Latitude Zero by Mike Horn

Latitude Zero takes us on a journey in the footsteps of the famous explorer-adventurer Mike Horn. This adventurer, accustomed to living in extreme survival conditions and in all the climates of the world, has written this story as a testimony of the extraordinary experiences he has had. 

Latitude Zero is a surprising and inspiring travelogue that takes you to the heart of an incredible adventure: to go around the world following the Equator line. Mike Horn describes this exciting journey, which will have lasted almost 17 months, as "unique moments" of "breathtaking intensity". This adventure will take him from laughter to tears, from joy to disappointment and from euphoria to despair, without ever making him give up. 

This journey with twists and turns almost costs him his life on several occasions, as when he is bitten by a snake and finds himself blind for 4 days, wondering if the venom is deadly or not... In short, Latitude Zero is a captivating story that you may well read in one go! 

Latitude Zero  - Mike Horn - XO Editions (2004)

To shiver : Axis of Wolf by Sylvain Tesson

Axis of Wolf follows the steps of Sylvain Tesson, an explorer-adventurer who leaves for an 8-month journey in Asia with a small backpack as his only luggage. He travels 6,000 km on foot, horseback and even by bicycle to track down the escapees from the Yakutia Gulag in 1942, in order to pay them a special tribute. He then redid their long journey from Siberia to the Bay of Bengal. 

This unique and exceptional journey is littered with obstacles: between the Gobi desert, the Tibetan highlands, the Himalayan chain, the rainforests or the Darjeeling mountain in northern India, his path is long. He is thus plunged into an extreme solitude, but makes us discover his amazement in front of the splendors of Asia! A fascinating book, which gives us envy of escape. 

Axis of Wolf - Sylvain Tesson - Robert Laffont (2007)

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