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6 tips for a more sustainable way to travel

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Would you like to become a responsible traveler but don't know where to start? Story Tailor offers you 6 tips to improve your travel habits and take a step towards a sustainable world.

Tip #1: Stay in an eco-friendly accommodation

We can't say it enough: eco-friendly housing is the best. Be sure to ask about the ethics of the accommodation you'd like to stay at. How can you do this? By taking a quick look at their websites. You will often find sections on their ecological commitments (electricity from 100% solar energy, support for local communities, reduction of carbon footprint...). When you act for the ecology, you are proud to show it! Another guarantee of sustainability: ecolabels such as Green Key, Green Globe or ATR.

P.S.: Activities can also have a more or less significant impact on the ecology. Do not hesitate to check their commitments before participating.

To inspire you...

The Bawah Reserve is one of those committed ecolodges. Created with sustainable materials and concerned about the health of the corals, the reserve does everything possible to protect and rehabilitate the fauna and flora of Bawah Island, Indonesia. Like many other accommodations, it also acts on its water consumption.

Tip #2: Fly less, take the train more

What if we forget about the plane? It's a difficult decision to make, for sure. But to try train travel is to adopt it! The paroxysm of the comfort of transportation, beautiful encounters along the way, a warm and friendly atmosphere, and above all new horizons through the window, that's what awaits you. In short, it's an option that combines durability with pleasure.

To inspire you...

If your trip can't do without air travel, book your tickets with airlines such as AirFrance or Delta that are embarking on major sustainability projects. Their main actions concern less fuel-consuming equipment, carbon offsetting and waste sorting on board.

Tip #3: Eat local and discover the flavors of the country

In Brussels, we see travelers from elsewhere enjoying our hot waffles. And we congratulate them! During a trip, it is important to consume local products sold in local shops. Why is it important? Because it contributes to the fairness of the economic benefits of tourism. Big words just to say that sustainable tourism is also about thanking and supporting the communities that welcome us by discovering what they have to offer!

To inspire you...

We present you the Malhadinha accommodation in Portugal, entirely autonomous gastronomically speaking. On the menu of their restaurant there is only food produced on the territory: meats, fish, vegetables and even wines!

Tip #4: Adopt "slow tourism", a new travel philosophy

What is "slow tourism"? Quite simply, a trip that you organize at your own pace. The key words of this concept: take your time. "Slow tourism" means taking time to taste local products around a well-stocked table, to stop during a bike ride to enjoy the landscapes, to talk with the locals at the market to learn more about the country... You get out of your stressful and turbulent daily life to finally take the time to travel!

To inspire you...

In Sri Lanka, the Amanwella Resort puts forward local actors to promote soft and "slow" activities. A dining experience in a traditional Sri Lankan village, a meeting with a family of potters in Palapotta or a moment of relaxation on a floating lounge at Lake Mawella, there is something for everyone.

Tip #5: Grab your water bottle and let's go for the day

Small, big, thin, colored... Find the water bottle that suits you and keep it preciously in your bag. It's a simple and effective way to produce less waste, and a tip that can also be used in your daily life. Make the most of water fountains and drinking water from the tap, and for a little punch in the middle of the day, make a cool smoothie in a cooler. Mmmh!

To inspire you...

If you're going on safari, you may be lucky enough to receive a personalized water bottle at the beginning of your stay as an arrival gift at your accommodation. This is the case at Matetsi Victoria Falls. Their water bottles are a good size, with a stylish design and very useful in the African heat.

Tip #6: Equip yourself accordingly

Sustainability can also be about the stuff you take with you. Choose brands that are committed to causes such as employee wellness, fundraising for social projects, waste reduction, and sustainable clothing and accessories in every sense of the word.

To inspire you...

We suggest 2 brands focused on adventure gear, Patagonia and Fjällraven. Both manufacture their products with environmentally friendly materials and carefully monitor the working conditions of their employees. Well-equipped, you can face anything!

Ready to take the plunge? Contact us and we will plan your sustainable trip together!

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