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Chosen by filmmakers time and time again, New Zealand’s incredible landscapes and scenery offer everything nature lovers and adventure seekers could ever dream! This small island nation has a rich historical inheritance coming from both the native Maori culture and the British influence, and is a very welcoming place to travel with everyone on its two main islands embracing the “Manaakitanga”, the Maori sense of hospitality.

New Zealand is consistently rated among the top travel destinations in the world by honeymooners, families, nature lovers, and adventure-seekers of all ages. The diversity of activities, experiences and encounters is makes it a destination you want to spend sufficient time in!

New Zealand is obviously famous for its stunning walks and (heli-)hikes throughout the country, from its turquoise glacier lakes to its scenic snow-capped mountains, large valleys and volcanoes. Some fantastic scenic flights and private cruises can also make you discover the area in a different way. It is also one of the best places in the world for spending a romantic evening star-gazing. At certain times of the year, you can even be lucky enough to see the lights of the Aurora Australis. The country also has a rich wildlife experience based around whales, dolphins, seals, penguins and the Kiwi. Finally, travelers who love food and wine can also enjoy an itinerary that includes some great gastronomic stops to experience the local cuisine, wine production and of course the famous Manuka honey.


Depending on your preferences, we can design a great road-trip escape filled with exciting outdoor adventures across both islands or craft a more relaxing itinerary with curated low-key downtime experiences.


Explore New Zealand's scenic landscapes

Take a cruise in Fjordland

Enjoy a scenic flight over the mountains

Discover why New Zealand Wine is so famous


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