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National parks 


Tasmania is the perfect destination for hiking enthusiasts! With its 19 national parks spread over the small territory, you can fill up on nature and admire the diversity of landscapes between sea, forests, mountains and lakes. 

Amongst our favourites, the Cradle Mountain National Park has the longest hiking trail, at 83 kilometres! But don't panic, you can just as easily walk for a few hours in the park and admire the many lakes, mountains and forests that it shelters. In Hartz National Park, you can admire the many waterfalls and rivers on a hike through the humid forest in the middle of the refreshing fern.

Stroll along the country's beautiful and particularly varied coastline, whether on the beach or at the top of the cliffs, they all offer breathtaking views. Tasmania offers a wide range of hiking trails for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Only one thing is certain: the beautiful scenery you'll pass through during your trip will leave you speechless! 

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