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Desert Kalahari 


The Kalahari Desert stretches over seven countries and is home to many animals, but it is also here that you will go to meet the nomadic San people. The oldest inhabitants of southern Africa. This hunter-gatherer tribe lives in perfect harmony with nature thanks to a deep respect for the fauna and flora that surrounds them. 

One of our local partners has created strong bonds with a San family and will get to introduce you to them during your stay in Botswana. They will take you along to their morning walk and show you how their ancestral techniques regarding how to survive in a desert, by teaching you useful things such as how to make fire, ropes, animal traps, and many more. You will come out of this meeting with a heart full of joy, smiles and lots of nice memories ! 

You will then relax at the Feline Fields Lodge where, in all simplicity, you will find the authenticity of a camp that has been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. 

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