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Climbing Mount Fuji


If there is a must-see for all tourists in Japan, it is Mount Fuji.


It is much more than a postcard star. Located in the Chubu region, from the top of its 3776 meters, the highest Japanese summit is actually a volcano which has been dormant since 1707, date of its last eruption.

On the border between Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures, it rises 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo on Honshu Island. 

It is difficult to describe this sacred volcano, so much its beauty is obvious. 

It can be admired from Kawaguchiko, on a bicycle ride around the lake of the same name.
To contemplate the most mythical of Japanese volcanoes, Hakone is also a place of choice. Sumptuous landscapes, the presence of Ashi and Owakudani lakes and the rite of onsen (thermal bath in a hot spring) are on the menu.

Whatever the starting point, the most courageous will be able to climb Mount Fuji!

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