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Image by Cristina Gottardi

Italian Culture


Italy is a true land of culture and history of great monuments throughout the country in the wise words of the people, everything testifies to this richness. 

As a Mediterranean people, Italians are known for their joie de vivre, their sense of family and their character that is both jovial and proud. 

The splendid city of Florence takes its visitors back to the Renaissance with its majestic palaces and museums retracing the history of that era. Italy is also a real nest of art that has seen the passing of great names such as Da Vinci and Michelangelo, whose works can be appreciated in the Capitoline Square in Rome. 

Immerse yourself in the many Italian traditions, taste the culinary specialities, exchange with Italians with an incomparable sweetness of life ... live your stay in the Italian way!

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