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Indian culture 


Dive into the heart of India's sumptuous culture on a personalised itinerary to discover Rajasthan. Between extraordinary architectural heritage, ancient beliefs and the prevalence of religion, discover a world of a thousand colours in the land of the one thousand and one nights, testifying to the richness of this ancestral civilisation. 

During your trip, you will be surrounded by Indian traditions and customs with a total immersion in this culture that leaves no one indifferent. Discover the many Indian dances and let yourself be carried away in a joyful and colourful whirlwind! 

You will also have the opportunity to discover the traditional clothing of Indian women, the Sari, and learn about its origin, history and meaning. You can also visit the many Hindu temples, renowned for their architectural beauty: Mînâkshî, the Virupaksha temple or the Annamalaiyar temple. 

For the gourmets, Indian cuisine, rich in various spices and flavours of all kinds, is sure to conquer you!

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