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Hong Kong is one of those vacation destinations that most people aspire to visit at some point in their life but aren’t really sure why. Many would agree, locals in particular, and experienced travelers in general, that Hong Kong is an amazing place to visit.

This incredible city of skyscrapers, fascinating traditions, beautiful countryside and delicious food will blow you away whether it’s your first or 100th visit. The city welcomes you with an iconic skyline, a legendary kitchen, and lush, protected nature where rare birds and colourful traditions thrive! This dynamic and vibrant cosmopolis is a fusion of many cultures. Remnants of its colonial past and the British culture and values, share space with the Chinese tradition.  Hong Kong will surprise you in many ways!

Nature and beaches: With a landscape as diverse as its population, there’s never a shortage of things to do in Hong Kong. Its numerous gorgeous hiking trails make it easy to discover the nature – two thrids of the territory being made up of lush, mountainous national parks and forests!  Surrounding Hong Kong Island are a few small islands with enchanting beaches to explore, relax, or surf!

Cuisine: Hong Kong offers you unforgettable dining experiences! The city attracts chefs and restaurateurs from all over the world, and boasts the most restaurants per capita in Asia. The city has a rich gastronomic landscape, with authentic Chinese and global cuisines, rustic local noodle joints, fine dining, hipster microbreweries and healthy vegan cafés.

Art: Hong Kong’s street-art scene is booming, with colourful murals testifying to the city’s creative verve. Many famed international street artists have left their mark on Hong Kong,

Shopping: Hong Kong is hard to beat as a shopping mecca, with malls, shops and markets to fit any budget. Those seeking haute-couture fashion from brands such as Chanel, Gucci or Hermès can head to one of the city’s luxury malls. Bargain hunters looking for antiques, souvenirs or electronic goods will be spoilt for choice at the myriad local shops and street markets in Mong Kok, including the legendary Ladies’ Market and Temple Street Night Market.

Culture: Constantly looking to the future while always honouring its past, Hong Kong breathes under the duality of a modern city enhanced by the richness of an ancient society. Visitors to Asia’s world city are invited to experience age-old rituals and time-tested wisdom of the East.


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