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Capital of Cuba, Havana is a little marvel that you will love to discover. With its mythical cars, rich architecture and history, music and dance in the streets, and the pleasure of living of its inhabitants, you won't know where to start! Aboard an American classic car, we take you on a magical drive to unveil all the treasures of the city. 

Go to the Paseo de Marti, one of the busiest avenues, where you will have the opportunity to discover the colourful colonial-style houses that line both sides of the street. Admire the portrait of Che Guevara in Revolution Square, where the people of Havana gather to celebrate important events such as the Cuban Revolution Day on July 26th. 

There are also many cultural sites to explore in Havana, to better understand its history and unique heritage. Here, culture meets the arts, which you will see in many ways during your stay in the capital.

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