A fascinating mix of medieval wonders and modern innovations, Germany is a destination that charms all those who venture there. 


For hiking enthusiasts, the mythical Black Forest offers a vast array of trails on which picturesque little villages complete the magical landscape. The numerous lakes and waterfalls make this mountain range a haven of peace where only the songs of birds can be heard. 


To refresh oneself during the summer period, the beaches of the North are a real pleasure that one knows how to appreciate during long walks, feet in the fine sand and the fresh wind coming to cool the hot summer days. And for a country getaway, Bavaria proves to be the ideal region with its idyllic countryside perfect for a romantic stay. 


The discovery of this fabulous country can also be done on the water, through a cruise along the Rhine. Between castles and vineyards, a cruise on German rivers and lakes promises many discoveries in an enchanting landscape. 


Let's tailor together your curated trip to Germany. Our advice on the most beautiful places to visit and our rich array of local partners will help create the perfect match for an unforgettable stay. 

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Forêt Noire en Allemagne
Bateau sur le Rhin en Allemagne
Bavière Allemagne
Plage de la mer du Nord

Luxurious stay in the mystical

Black Forest

Fabulous cruise on the Rhine 

Romantic stay in Bavaria 

The splendid landscapes

of the Northern Islands 

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