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Discover Tahiti and its capital, Papeete


Tahiti, dear to Paul Gauguin, is the largest of the Polynesian islands. Its capital is Papeete.


Its black sand beaches attract tourists who love to relax and explorers from the ends of the earth.

Tahiti is a welcoming island, where tourists are always welcomed with open arms. It is often said that one is welcomed in Polynesia as if at home. You will discover the real kindness of the Polynesians and their warm welcome.

Discover a rich culture, made up of local legends, sacred places, but also magnificent vestiges such as the marae and the famous Polynesian Mana. 

Discover also the interior of Tahiti. You will discover an exuberant Polynesia of valleys and wild mountains draped in clouds and waterfalls, a real delight. Then, in Papeete, do not miss the mass at the Paofai temple and the market.

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