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Image by Narahari K R

Discovering Finnish Lakes 


It is not for nothing that Finland is known as "the land of a thousand lakes". The Great Lakes region is a mixture of lush forests, endless hills and sparkling lakes that transports travelers to a world full of wonders. 

On a getaway in the region, you will be dazzled by the blue and green of the scenery, have the chance to swim in one of the 188,000 lakes, take a kayak trip on one of them or relax on a cruise in this enchanting natural setting. 

To take even more advantage of the natural beauty of the lakes, you can stay in a cottage right next to the water, spend a few moments in a sauna before plunging into the refreshing waters. 

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the cities in the natural charm of the Finnish lakes is a unique and resourcing experience. 

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