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Teeming with UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a variety of astonishing landscapes, Ethiopia remains a less explored region of East Africa that invites adventurous and bold travelers alike.


You will find there some absolutely spectacular sites – from the Danakil Depression and the Simien Mountains to the Churches of Lalibela and the Bale Mountains, embrace an authentic world few others are yet to see!

Ethiopia’s north is a fascinating fable of island monasteries, medieval castles and rock hewn churches, threaded together by a series of awe-inspiring stories interwoven with a rich orthodox Christian faith – the oldest form of Christianity in the world.

To the south, a true adventure awaits in every sense of the word. The Southern Nations and southern areas of the Omo Valley are rough and raw – perhaps one of the most ethnographically diverse regions in the world with difficult roads and challenging meetings of cultures. They offer an incredibly unique insight into the traditional and diverse tribal life in Africa.

Beyond historical and cultural wonders, Ethiopia boasts a diverse natural landscape like no other: some of the world’s deepest canyons, mountainous terrain marking the fourth highest peak in Africa, desert plains of volcanic rock, forested highlands with waterfalls, and rivers and lakes that feed that waters of the Nile. 


Learn about the monolithic churches of Lalibela

Admire the magnificent colours of the Danakil depression

Spot the garalta monkeys in the simien mountains

Learn to prepare injera like a local


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