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At the bend of a hike, discover the sumptuous landscapes offered by the Drakensberg mountains: green plains, mountain peaks, wild rivers, dense forests… From the waterfalls of the Royal Natal National Park to the Amphitheatre Circus, you will discover the most beautiful panoramas of South Africa.  It is not impossible that you will come across a diverse wildlife during your walk: baboons, elk, antelopes, zebras and sometimes even leopards might be in sight.

You could also encounter some Basotho shepherds dressed in their traditional clothing and exchange with them a few gestures and words. Various hikes of different durations and difficulty levels can be done in the Drakensbergs and we will make sure to recommend you the nicest ones based on your fitness level and expectations. After spending a few hours walking in the magnificent surroundings which will have filled your head with wonderful memories, get the chance to rest at your beautiful mountain lodge while tasting the many local specialties. 

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