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Cultural Mozambique


For those of you who love history, we will make sure that you discover, through your trip the cultural richness of Mozambique which remains strongly marked by its history of domination by the Portuguese. The visit of the capital, Maputo, including its various museums and monuments will allow you to better understand the culture and history of the country. You will also be able to stroll through the various markets that dot the streets of the capital, one of the most famous being the fish market, and get a good grasp of the local atmosphere. At the bend of a street, discover also the Casa de Ferro, walk around the different ports, discover the Niassa region, its lake and its exceptional fauna. Mozambique abounds in cultural treasures that you will have the opportunity to discover throughout your journey, as we will design for you an itinerary that will take you on the footsteps of Vasco de Gama ! 

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