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Specialty Trips

We value the singularity and interests of our travelers, each with their unique approach to traveling with meaning. Our Specialty Trips offer journeys with a particular focus spearheading the direction of the travel experience, giving you the opportunity to engage with your passion while discovering a destination.
From traditional music and culinary arts to photography, handcrafts and spirituality, the themes of our Specialty Trips are as diverse as our travelers themselves.

Tailored to the type of traveler

Whether you are a couple planning your unique and exceptional honeymoon or exotic trip, a family looking to organize a bonding family holiday, a solo traveler looking for an adventure or a specialty trip, or a group of friends willing to travel together in a bespoke journey... we have it all covered and make sure to tailor your signature experience according to the type of holiday you are dreaming of and the people that will be part of it!

The team at StoryTailor recognizes that each traveler has different needs and dreams. We’re more than happy to create you perfect journey!

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