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Iceland, fire and ice seen from the water

The dreamlike west coast of Iceland can be wonderfully discovered on a polar cruise starting from Reykjavik. At the edge of the Arctic, between wide glaciers, dizzying fjords, volcanoes and bubbling geysers, Iceland shows a romantic and at the same time wild face.  Grundarfjörður is very close to Kirkjufell. This lofty, cone-shaped mountain has a unique charm and should be captured in photos as an unforgettable view. Grímsey is a small and difficult to access island, whose volcanic rocks form beautiful basalt organs in some places. However, it should definitely be visited as it is a true kingdom of birds such as guillemots and puffins. Another picturesque island is Heimaey. It is the only inhabited island of the Vestmann archipelago and an extraordinary place consisting of volcanoes and almost deserted landscapes.

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