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Image by Chandler Cruttenden

Heavenly beaches 


Located in the middle of the Caribbean, the island of Cuba offers many heavenly beaches where you can relax and admire the beautiful landscape that stretches before your eyes. Between coconut palms, fine sand and crystalline waters, everything is there for a moment of relaxation. 

Visit Playa Azul in the seaside resort of Varadero, a beach that is a must during your visit to Cuba. It offers multiple nautical activities such as diving, surfing and sailing. 

Stroll among the pink flamingos at Playa Flamingo on Cayo Coco Island, a unique experience you can't miss during your visit to Cuba! 

For a quieter and wilder experience, Playa Pilar on Cayo Guillermo is ideal, with its white sand and crystal clear waters.

Whether you are looking for a quiet place, by the ocean, far from any hustle and bustle, or on the contrary, a lively place where many activities are possible, you will find your happiness on the Cuban beaches. 

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