For a trip to the heart of nature, Austria is THE destination par excellence. Filled with mountains, it's a still preserved European jewel that it is pleasant to discover. 


To find yourself in the heart of the Alps with its sumptuous and wild landscapes, for a nature retreat, far away from the stress and daily life. Escape to the province of Tyrol with its breathtaking panoramas and sports activities to share with your family. Take a trip to Vienna, the capital city with its romantic atmosphere that offers unique experiences to its visitors. And this is just a small sample of what Austria has to offer. 


Austria is one of those destinations that are still relatively unknown but which is full of riches and well-kept treasures. Depending on your desire for experiences and discoveries, we will design your exclusive trip!

Our selection of experiences

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Image by Joss Woodhead
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Enjoy a romantic stay

in Vienna 

Experience a nature retreat

in the heart of the Alps

Discover the splendid landscapes

of Tyrol on a trekking tour 

Discover Bavaria 

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