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Atacama Desert 


Explore the Atacama Desert which offers some breathtaking lunar landscapes. You will have the chance to admire a panorama composed of sand dunes, oases, but also volcanic peaks. This desert expanse alone concentrates a rich variety of the most unusual landscapes. We recommend you to spend at least four days in the Atacama region in order to make the most of the experience. The desert is also home to some wildlife and you might be lucky to spot some pink flamingos, birds or rare reptiles surviving in the difficult and arid conditions of the desert. 

Similarly, plant species are only very few in the desert, and only giant cacti are visible on the horizon on the hills. 

Visit San Pedro of Atacama, a small village located in the heart of the desert and surrounded by two rivers thanks to which its inhabitants live. Go to meet them and admire its small white church that stands out from the scenery. This escapade in the desert will assure you a total and timeless disconnection! 

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